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  Since 1971, our company has been dedicating itself to the production of solid gypsum blocks for wall gypsum partitions, and gypsum tiles for ceilings.

  The constant improvement of the manufacturing process and the continuous effort to obtain materials of the highest quality, have been fundamental in achieving one of the highest ranks in the production of prefabrications, and to be widely recognized by companies with the greatest prestige in the sector.

  The technical characteristics of our prefabrications are far above what is established by the current standards, and are superior to all similar products that are currently
in the market.

  Our solid gypsum blocks for interior divisions of housings, with superior technical characteristics to the rest of the products in the market, allow for fulfillment, without issue, with the new acoustic standards, in effect since April of 2009, which supposes a guarantee and tranquility for architects, developers, and builders.  They also, follow the requirements of fire resistance, with a fire resistance of 180 minutes.

  Our prefabrications have three natural components ( gypsum, fibers, and mineral elements), that when mixed in determined fixed proportions, have made us achieve the following benefits in the construction: 

prestaciones en la costruccion

Absorcion acustica - tabiques escayolaSilence
Our solid gypsum blocks support the well-being, they avoid the transfer of noise because of the high acoustic absorption.
Seguridad - tabiques escayolaSecurity
It’s resistance to bending is 10 points above the current standards.
Regulador ambiental - tabiques escayolaComfort
Because of its characteristics, our product is a great environmental regulator, it provides for more comfortable environments.

Ingnifuca - Tabquies escayolaFire reaction
A-1, that means they don’t react to fire, all of these components have a natural fireproofing, and the 6 cm. 7 cm. 8 cm. 10 cm. solid gypsum blocks have up to 180 minutes of fire-resistance.

Elasticidad sin partirse - Tabiques escayolaWater repelent
They absorb less than 5% of humidity after two hours of being immersed in water.

Elasticidad sin partirse - Tabiques escayolaElasticity
Our ceiling gypsum tiles allow a deformation of 1 cm. in its longitude before splitting, which gradually lessens the possibility of cracks in the ceiling.