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  The gypsum ceiling tiles ( gypsum sheets ), are used fundamentally, to make the plastered false ceilings of homes (bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways), also, the ceilings of doorways, porches, and other communal zones of the building.  The continuous plaster ceiling ( formed by gypsum ceiling tiles ), is habitually used for covering drains, gas and electrical installations, and as a decorative element.  It is also used to ensure that, certain horizontal ornaments don´t diverge from flatness, although it is not necessary to hide installations. 

  The smooth gypsum ceiling tiles are constructed with these dimensions 100 x 60 x 2cm. (height x width x thickness).

  The smooth gypsum ceiling tile, after its completion, can be

  - Level: One side of the tile is smooth while the other side is made with lines.

  - Counter Mold: On side of the sheet is smooth while the other side is molded.

  - Water repelent: Which has an absorption capacity of humidity of less than 5%, after two hours of superficial contact with water.

All types of gypsum ceiling tiles that are constructed have the following characteristics:

  - Angular Curvature: inferior to 1 mm.

  - Flatness: maximum longitudinal curvature inferior to 0.50 mm.

  - Humidity:  inferior to 5%.

  - Breaking point: 58 Newton (superior to 50% of what is specified by the standards).

  - Elasticity:  allows a deformation of 1 cm. in its longitude without splitting.